A town so lovely “we might tell you to go to hell”…

A town so lovely “we might tell you to go to hell”…

A town so lovely “we might tell you to go to hell” reads an article in The Globe and Mail dating back to Tuesday, November 3rd 2009.

This piece written by Rod Mickleburgh warms my heart.  This is the Cumberland that captivates visitors and locals alike and I am so happy to read an article that puts a finger on the special combination of heart and fire that Cumberlanders possess.  We are a tough little Village and it’s so interesting to me how people who have lived here for only a few years share a similar certain pride and belligerence as those who were born and raised here.

The divide between “old” and “new” Cumberland will always exist on some level but if you look closely we all share that same devilish sense of humour and edgy self sufficiency. Perhaps that’s what draws people to settle here.  Or maybe it’s something in the water.  Or the coal dust in the walls of our old houses.

The then 82 year old and still active Village of Cumberland Councillor Bronco Moncrief was interviewed for the article and he was happy to shed some light on Dodge City’s dark and stormy reputation.  “As for the town’s legendary toughness? Pshaw, said Mr. Moncrief. ‘Yes, we might tell you to go to hell, but in such a way, you’ll look forward to the trip.'”

Bronco has said a lot of things over the course of his many many years in public service and for me this one is quite possibly tops.


Read the full article here at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/a-town-so-lovely-we-might-tell-you-to-go-to-hell/article1349171/




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