Cumberland Masonic Lodge Celebrates 150 Years in British Columbia

Cumberland Masonic Lodge Celebrates 150 Years in British Columbia
Mason's reveal their new plaque

On October 1st, the Freemasons of Cumberland celebrated their 150th year in British Columbia with the unveiling of a new plaque to be mounted on the outside of their Lodge building. On the plaque there is a QR code which takes you to a website showing the history of that particular Masons’ Hall. Mayor Leslie Baird gave a speech and cake and tea was served afterwards. In addition, tours of the top secret, mysterious room where the Masons perform their rituals was conducted. The rituals themselves, however, are still a secret.

Masonic members from all over the Valley were in attendance


Congratulations on you 150th year, Masons! Thanks for letting us use your banquet room for community events, too.

Mayor Leslie Baird gives a speech



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