Stolen Potatoes!?!

Stolen Potatoes!?!

Here’s a sad bit of local news. Maybe you heard about it already…

Barbara and Leo live at 7th and Maryport and have lived here and gardened the soil on their regular size corner lot for many many years. Leo is now 81 years old and still makes sure to grow enough raspberries, rhubarb, veggie and potatoes for the whole family every year.

Just recently they had a terrible shock as someone had the nerve to steal every single potato growing in a row that was over 40 feet long! They were away for a couple days and when they returned not a single spud remained. The neighbour who was care taking for Barbara and Leo speculates the theft must have occurred at night.

40 FEET OF POTATOES!!! Stolen by moonlight. That’s absurd. And so frustrating. If you happen to have any information about this theft please contact us here at Currently Cumberland and we can put you in touch with Leo and Barbara. Both Leo and Barbara are well, no harm has come to them. They are just frustrated and disappointed by this ridiculous case of the stolen potatoes and so are we.



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