Full Moon Labyrinth Walks

Full Moon Labyrinth Walks

Free community event at Innisfree Farm

11 pm – midnight May 21, June 20, July 19, Aug. 18, Sept. 16

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol, a spiral not a maze; you cannot get lost and it is intended as a walking meditation, not a game or puzzle. From rock paintings to basket weavings to inlaid floors of 1000 year old French cathedrals, labyrinths have been used by a wide variety of cultures for at least 3,500 years. Evidence of ancient labyrinths exists in Crete, France, Egypt, Italy, Scandinavia, and North America.

Walking slowly and consciously from the entrance to the center is an immensely calming and insightful process. The single path to the center links the left and right brain as you turn one way then the other. By the time you arrive at the center you are relaxed, present and alert and focused. Even a simple ‘lap labyrinth’ on a board that you trace the path on with your finger, can have the same beneficial effects.

The 100’ diameter labyrinth at Innisfree Farm and Botanic Garden has been recently renovated and renewed with pure white oyster shells that gleam and almost seem to glow in the moonlight. To celebrate this beautiful sight and to honor and celebrate the full moons over the summer months, we are pleased to offer a free community event from May to September to walk the labyrinth by moonlight.

With the glorious voice of Joanna Finch, songstress extraordinaire, to lead us in sacred song, we will walk, pray and joyfully greet the full moon rising over the trees.

 Come at 10:45 pm for a cup of hot herbal tea, going into the labyrinth 11 pm. Approximately 30 – 40  minutes to complete the walk.

This series of full moon labyrinth ceremonies is offered by donation to the Botanic Garden at Innisfree Farm and to the Gardens without Borders not-for-profit providing horticulture therapy.

11 pm May 21, June 20, July 19, Aug. 18, Sept. 16

For registration and information call 250 336 8767  or visit www.innisfreefarm.ca



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