Cumberland History Walk-About February 15 – 21, 2021

Cumberland History Walk-About February 15 – 21, 2021



Even in a time of social distancing Cumberland has a lot to offer and for Heritage Week we have put together a Walk-About the Village with loads of history for you to enjoy. Check out the clues and explore Cumberland’s heritage!


Sponsored by the Village of Cumberland Heritage Committee and the Cumberland Events Society.



Heritage Week Walk About

1. This family friendly neighbourhood park is located above what was once #6 Mine, one of 9 coal mines that operated in the area from 1888-1966.

2. This multi use path along the south side of the Village was once the location of the railway that took coal from Cumberland to Union Bay.

3. This park is home to interpretive sign boards that explore the important history of the Chinese and Japanese communities who once called Cumberland home.

4. Louis Frelone came to Cumberland from Italy in 1912 to work in the coal mines. In 1935 built a grocery store at what location?

5. Now emergency services, this building has been a newspaper office and printer, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Museum and Visitor Centre.

6. Built in 1907 this Federal Government Building is now a restaurant. What 3 Federal offices were located here and what is it called now?

7. From 1896 to 1970 this was the site of the first brick building in Cumberland. – The Willard Block. It was 3 stories high and at different times housed a grocery store, the Royal Bank, a candy store, the Socialist Hall, the United Mine Workers of America Hall and a photography studio. What is located there now?

8. In 1933 a major fire destroyed much of Cumberland’s downtown. Where did the fire start?

9. In the 1933 fire the Royal Bank was dynamited to halt the spread of the flames. Where was the bank?

10. This building was constructed in 1895, survived every fire and has been home to a fruit stand, a tobacconist, a shoemaker, a general hardware store, arts and crafts market, a restaurant and a bicycle store.

11. The unique shaped and light coloured bricks fronting this building came from the coke ovens in Union Bay.

12. Opened in June 1914 this gathering place held dances and movies and illegal gambling in the back. The building burned in a major fire in 1932 but was rebuilt immediately with a seating capacity of 500. Which building is it?

13. This hotel was built in 1894 and was once three stories tall. It has a reputation as one of the Island’s premier music venues.

14. The original house on this site was the American Consulate – home to George Wilt Clinton, paymaster for the union Colliery Company, American Consul and Cumberland businessman. In
1981 the current building opened to house and display Cumberland’s heritage and history. What building?

15. From 1914 until 1963 this house was the switchboard and telephone office for the British Columbia Telephone Company Limited. What’s the address?

16. This site once housed a bakery and grocery store in 1912. It is now home to a Computer Tech company.

17. This property was once home to the Colliery Company Superintendent and a manor built in 1895-96, with beautiful garden and spacious accommodation was host to garden parties, fundraisers and visiting royalty. In 1946 an earthquake centred on Forbidden Plateau damaged the house and it was torn down in 1956. What is located at this site now?

18. Leung Gang started his grocery store on this site in 1929. The building was added onto and the original house was all but buried in the interior. (You can still see the peak of the original roof line). Instead of groceries you now find a great burger here.

19. This structure has official federal heritage status but it’s not a building. What is it?

20. This church was founded as a Presbyterian church but later merged with the Methodist and Congregational churches of Canada. What is it now?

You can download a pdf of these questions here and take them on your walkabout!

Answers will be published here on Monday, February 22nd. Stay in your bubble, stay safe and have fun.

And the answers are:

1. #6 Mine Historic Park
2. Wellington Colliery Railway Trail
3. Coal Creek Historic Park
4. Frelone’s Grocery – 2781 Dunsmuir Avenue
5. BC Ambulance Station 2757 Dunsmuir Avenue
6. Post Office, Telegraph Office and Customs House were here. Now the Wandering Moose Cafe – 2739 Dunsmuir Avenue
7. Riders Pizza is located where the Willard Block stood – 2738 Dunsmuir Avenue
8. The fire started in the King George Hotel – 2723 Dunsmuir Avenue
9. Royal Bank was located at – 2728 Dunsmuir Avenue
10. Tarbell ‘s is now DCC Cycles and the Wandering Fool Hostel – 2705 Dunsmuir Avenue
11. Government Liquor Store – 2700 Dunsmuir Avenue
12. ILO ILO Theatre – 2691 Dunsmuir Avenue
13. Waverley Hotel – 2692 Dunsmuir Avenue
14. Cumberland Museum and Archives – 2680 Dunsmuir Avenue
15. 3245 Second Street
16. Marocchi store is now home to The Update Company – 3270 Second Street
17. Beaufort manor is now home to Cumberland Community School – 2674 Windemere Avenue
18. Leung’s Grocery now Cooks cafe – 3273 Third Street
19. Memorial Arch at The Cumberland Legion – 2770 Dunsmuir Avenue
20. This now the Cumberland United Church – 2688 Penrith Avenue



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