Cari Burdett – Dramatic Gypsy Cabaret

Cari Burdett and her Dramatic Gypsy Cabaret is coming to town and it will be quite the show!

“Cari is a house on fire…big, hot, passionate, hungry and beautiful…she will eat you up and leave your breathless…you do not want to miss out…magic…” Anne Schaefer

“Dramatic Gypsy Cabaret” Is a brand new genre of music and is coming to Vancouver Island with three sensational shows. Troubadour and vocal powerhouse Cari Burdett is a long-established musician and now reveals her passion and vision with her debut album “Magnolia”. Cari brings huge energy to the stage with drama, movement, and a boundless well of creativity.

“Magnolia” expresses Burdett’s heart and soul. It’s been brewing for years and inspired by the love she carries for life, her passion for travel and the global community, the many languages she has embraced, her classical operatic training, her family, home, and gypsy roots, they are all bound together by this dramatic music.

Cari has lived in Sweden, Italy, England, and Canada, opening her heart to many experiences along the way. Burdett is steeped in opera, improvisation, jazz, theatre and dance, all of which illuminate an array of wells that have brought her to the creation of the Dramatic Gypsy Cabaret style pulling the old tradition of cabaret forward to current times and delivering its true essence with emotion and significance.

French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish and English are all flowing despite the heavy Canadian content highlighting BC composers such as Anna Höstman, Christopher Butterfield, Anne Schaefer, Joni Mitchell and Timothy Francis. A perfect gem of original Canadian web and weave.

The Magnolia pre-release tour will bring this exciting new genre of music to you with a roster of outstanding musicians, many of whom are featured on the album produced by Juno Award winning Joby Baker, including recent winner of the 2014 Saga Djangofest Award, Quinn Bachand and Juno award winner Adrian Dolan.

The tour consists of Miles Black on piano, Marc Atkinson on guitar, Richard Moody on violin, Sean Drabitt on bass and Kelby MacNayr on percussion and, Cari’s voice.

Let the curtain rise and the show begin!

“Cari, thank you for such sensitive and beautiful arrangements,
your voice is simply lovely.” Anna Höstman


Place: Studio Live, Cumberland BC
2679 Beaufort Avenue at First Ave., Cumberland

$20 Advance/ $25 Door
Advance tickets available at Bop City Records, Co

Cari Burdett - Dramatic Gypsy Cabaret  | Currently Cumberland

This gorgeous photo of Cari with her magnolia blossom crown is from her website at

urtenay and Rider’s Pizza, Cumberland



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