Boil Water Notice for Cumberland

Boil Water Notice for Cumberland

A boil water notice has been issued for the Cumberland water system due to a positive ecoli contamination sample result. This notice affects all users of the Cumberland water system.

Tap water should be boiled for one minute. Use any clean pot or kettle. Kettles that have automatic shut offs are acceptable.

Find out more from Island Health on what to do during boil water notice.

The Village is working with Island Health officials on further water system testing. The notice will not be terminated until samples conclude there is no further risk to health.

Further sampling is taking place on October 14, 2015.

Royston is NOT affected. Royston water is connected to the Cumberland water system. However, the boil water notice does not apply in Royston as the CVRD re-chlorinates the water at the boundary line and has maintained chlorine residuals that removes bacteria. The CVRD regularly monitors and takes water sample tests for the Royston water service area. Check out the CVRD website for more info. 

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