Beachcombers Academy to Expend Bus Route in Courtenay & Comox

Beachcombers Academy to Expend Bus Route in Courtenay & Comox
Beachcombers Academy students enjoy kayaking across from the school.

Beachcombers Academy and Little Oysters Preschool will be expanding its bus route and offering neighbourhood pick-up locations. Next year the bus route will be expanded to Comox. An additional stop will also be added in Courtenay at Willemar Avenue and 20th Street and potentially other neighbourhoods.

“We require only two or three students, depending on the location, to establish a bus pick-up in your neighbourhood,” said Executive Coordinator, Zoe Lambert. “We recognize that convenience is important to parents.”

Beachcombers Academy is an established independent school entering into it’s 7th year of operation. The school offers quality academics, nature-inspired curriculum and small class sizes.  “We are very proud of the program we provide and how well students transition when they graduate. Two of our long-time students received the top academic award for their grade level when they moved into the public system following graduation from Beachcombers,” said Principal Wendy Preston.

Small class sizes at Beachcombers allow for more student-teacher interaction and allows for a sense of community in the classroom. Beachcombers has a Respect & Care Program that helps teach children positive ways of interacting. “We have a very positive environment at Beachcombers. Small class sizes enable us to support children in this way. One of our families, who are moving out of BC, commented to me recently how much she loves the school and how she knows she will not be able to find a school like this elsewhere. We really are proud of the enriched program we provide and the supportive learning environment we offer. Students at Beachcombers are enthusiastic and engaged. It is such a pleasure to work here,” said Preston who has worked in independent schools in Canada and the U.K.

Classroom at Beachcombers Academy: students enjoy lunch on the deck.

Classroom at Beachcombers Academy: students enjoy lunch on the deck.

Beachcombers Academy also has a unique coastal studies program that is made possible by their location across from the ocean and estuary. From the classrooms and playground students have panoramic ocean views of Baynes Sound. Beachcombers Academy and Little Oysters Preschool  is operated by a non-profit society  for the benefit of students and families.

Beachcombers Academy offers preschool to grade 7 and is now registering for next September. To book a personalized tour, or enquire about bus pick-up locations, contact Principal Wendy Preston at “I encourage parents to book a tour now before school is out. While we do give tours in the summer, it is always so much more interesting for parents to come by when school is in session,” said Preston.

For more information about the school you can see their website at



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