UPDATE on JAMIE SPROULE’S RECOVERY: from his daughter Annabelle.

“I apologize for the long time since my last update, things have been going so well for our daddy!
He has now been moved from the ICU onto the 3rd floor medical/surgical unit. All of the IV’s and feeding tubes are out and he is being fed really well! Yesterday he got to switch from the jelly/liquid diet to almost a normal diet and thank goodness, those pureed peas and chicken were getting to be a little much. Now the main focus is on rehabilitating his body to get the strength back to walk again. He has been getting physic every day and they take him down to the parallel bars to do assisted walking.
As all of you can probably guess, Jamie’s spirits are high as can be. He always has a smile and greeting for the nurses and they just love working with him. I took him outside to the healing garden at the hospital for an adventure and I asked him if he had maybe had a little too much of being outside what with being stuck outside for so many days and he said “I can never get enough of being outside!”.
Hopefully it won’t be long before he is out of the hospital and up to his old tricks. I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers to make sure he never needs to go walking in the woods alone again!
Thank you again for all of your continued well wishes and support. My dad has expressed real gratitude and wants to write an article in the paper to thank everyone for their support and help.”

Sent to us by Annabelle Sproule

UPDATE JAMIE SPROULE RECOVERY: from his daughter Annabelle | Currently Cumberland



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